We are the National Work Experience Service.

Launching in beta in October 2014 our approach is built on 35 years of experience. Since 2012 we have further enhanced our platform and redoubled our efforts to ensure we efficiently provide safe, meaningful and personalised work experience. We are now making our work placements service for young people aged 14-19 available to schools and colleges nationwide. We believe our simplified approach to supporting work experience will enable more businesses to open up more placement opportunities. Together we can ensure that young people develop career aspirations and the skills they need to contribute to our future economy.

Launching the new service in beta

Wondering why the service carries the 'beta' tag? Simple, we need your input to ensure it reaches its maximum potential. Find out how you can get involved...

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Inspiring, well planned work placements

As well as personalising placements for young people, it is vitally important that employers and schools are supported in planning the content of a work placement and ensuring it provides 'work inspiration'. This is where we step in...

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The law and work experience

Despite best efforts it can be difficult for school leaders to determine their responsibilities with respect to work experience and safeguarding. It can then be even harder to find the resources to take effective action. To make your life easier we have brought together a summary of key guidance and introduce our risk management approach.

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The service in four simple steps…